inhim woodworking 
[ 그안 木工所 ]
Fully equipped woodworking shop is ready to serve you. We have 3HP table saw, 8" jointer, 12" planer, 10" miter saw, 14" band saw.,etc. Hand tools like hand planes are ready for handmade fine furniture as well. 
Please ask us whether our facility is suitable for your project. As per the inquiry, we can extend our shop more than twice than the current space so if you have any special inquiry, feel free discuss about it with us.
  1. Torsion Box
  2. 8" Jointer
  3. Router Table
  4. Ceiling Air Hose & Electric Power Cable
  5. Planner
  6. Hand Tools
  7. Combo Sander
  8. 3HP Table Saw
  9. 14" Band Saw
  10. Workbench
  11. Drill Press
  12. Power Drills
  13. Tool Bits Storage
  14. inhim studio mug cup & Biz Card
  15. Routing jig
  16. Tool Cabinet Drawer
  17. Dovetail Saw
  18. Orbit Spindle Sander
  19. Mallet
  20. Chisels
  21. Japanese Hand Plane
  22. 그안 목공소
  23. Upholstery
  24. Upholstery
  25. Workshop
  26. Workshop
  27. Tool Cabinet
  28. Tool Cabinet
  29. Bending Machine
  30. Rosette
  31. Go-Bar Deck
  32. Bracing
  33. Workbench & Tool Cabinet
  34. Binding Machine & Guitar Body Cradle
  35. Inhim Studio
  36. Workshop
  37. Drum Sander
Guitar Making Class
Acoustic Guitar Making Class for an individual trainee
Acoustic Guitar Making Class is now being prepared for an individual trainee. During the course, you will make Kinkade Kingsdown Rosewood Deluxe Acoustic Guitar, OM size, Sitka Spruce Top, Rosewood Side & Back based on the following book.

Build Your Own
Acoustic Guitar

Jonathan Kinkead

어쿠스틱 기타 제작과정을 목공의 기초부터 장기간 체류하시면서 배우실 수 도 있습니다. 체류하시면서 이 곳 미국 캘리포니아의 수 많은 수제기타 제작공장과 유명한 Luthier들을 직접 방문, 만나실 수도 있을 것입니다. 

자세한 사항과 비용은 개별적으로 문의해 주십시오.
Guitar Making Class
Custom Fine Furniture
How to find existing furniture or order my own furniture
We am working hard to make perfect foundation to provide perfect product and service for you. Until our business is grown more, we are taking an order through 3rd party custom made web service. Visit to to see our available portfolio and order it.
Woodworking Class
Woodworking class to make your Furniture by your hands
Individual woodworking education is now available at inhim woodworking workshop. During the course, you will make your own furniture by yourself and take it to your home at the end of class. Click the button for more information.
Woodworking Class
Furniture Restoration
Furniture scratch repair, restoration, upholstery and more
We provide convenient on-site furniture minor damage repair, such as scratches, touch-ups, nicks, or dents. Furniture restoration, buffing, finishing, re-structuring, leather repair & cleaning service will be performed in our equipped workshop.
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Commercial / Residential Interior Design / Install
Build Your Dream Space!
A renovation of commercial interior encourages the most efficient use of space and give a full satisfactions for both of employees and customers. It brings more strong biz image so that more clients will visit to your store. Custom Interior for Residential place is available too.
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